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The Scotch Road Cemetery Association has been able to pursue its objectives thanks to the donations of its many members and friends over the past thirty years.

Anyone may make a donation or bequest to the Association.

An official income tax receipt will be issued for any donation or bequest over ten dollars.

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The Families

Many of the pioneers buried in the Scotch Road Cemetery came from Scotland, mainly from the Isle of Mull or Lochaber.

Some of the family names are: Black, Boyd, Cameron, Campbell, Faloon, Goodland, Kelly, Kerr, Kimball, Lee, Livingstone, McPhee, McGillivary, McHardy, McLean, McNeil, McVicar, Murray, Steele, Webster, Wilson.

Interested descendants of the pioneers are attempting to trace their roots back to Scotland.


Cecil McPhee


You may contact the following researchers for the families indicated.

Cameron, Rosalie Morris, etc.

McPhee: Cecil McPhee, (514) 937-2131
McHardy: Ellwood McHardy


The Camerons: Rosalie Morris
The Macraes: Lloyd Macrae

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