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The Scotch Road Cemetery Association has been able to pursue its objectives thanks to the donations of its many members and friends over the past thirty years.

Anyone may make a donation or bequest to the Association.

An official income tax receipt will be issued for any donation or bequest over ten dollars.

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The Scotch Road Cemetery lies about six miles north of Grenville, Quebec, which is on the north side of the Ottawa River, half way between Montreal and Hull.

The road from the bridge between Hawkesbury, Ontario, and Grenville, Quebec, turns into Maple Avenue as it passes through Grenville and then into the Scotch Road as it crosses Highway 148 between Montreal and Hull. The Scotch Road is one of the oldest roads in the county running north from the Ottawa River into the Laurentian Mountains.

The Cemetery is about a third of a mile off the Scotch Road to the west and is located on Lot 8A, Range VII, Township of Grenville, County of Argenteuil, Province of Quebec.


The earliest recorded burial is that of Archibald McPhee in 1818. It is thought that the Cemetery started as a family burial plot for Archibald McPhee, his wife Margaret Graham (d. 1825) and their family. It then developed into a communal graveyard since many members of the Scotch Road community in the 19th century were related or came from the same areas in Scotland, mainly the Isle of Mull and Lochaber.

The earliest recorded birth is for Effie Black in 1773, although it is clear that some of those buried in the Cemetery were born as early or perhaps earlier in Scotland. Some of the first pioneers in the county are buried here.

The oldest person buried in the Cemetery is Mary Cameron (1807-1910).


The Scotch Road Cemetery Association undertook major restoration work in 1975 which resulted in its present condition.

The Association erected a commemorative stone at the Cemetery gate in 1983.